Games & Toys

Sotchi Olympic Nesting Dolls
Lost Angel Munny
Intravenous Therapy Toy Car
Romulus and Remus Toy
Wobble Chess Set
Furni + Hella Slingshots
21 Swings – Montréal, Québec
Louis Colin Ecole Playground Graphics
Pipe Trouble Video Game
Haida Chess Set
Taxali Toys
Streamridge Hillside Sled
Streamridge Large Hoop Sleigh
Hemo Racer 64 Bit Game
Mythological Game of Chess
Antler Cribbage Board
Far Cry 3 Video Game
City Mini Blocks
Mixed Tape Cards
Toronto TTC Subway/RT Map – Super Mario 3 Style
2012 Canadian Game Design Award
Children’s Stuffed Toys
Mono Kite
Deadmau5 Mini Collectibles
Wooden Cars
Wooden War Toys
Jamie Bell Playground – Toronto, Ontario
NGA4 Figure
Cribbage Board
3rd Canadian Division Playing Cards
Crash Test Doll
Can-Am Minibike
Cutlets Wooden Toys
Centennial Souvenir Ball
Muzo Animal Collection
House Building Blocks
Jolly Jumper
Rob Ford Voodoo Dolls
Sad Toy 1
Barbie Bus Shelter