Clipper Blue Basalt Canoe
CCM Joyrider Trike
Brodie Rodie
Naked Bicycles CAN150 Bike
Michel Soucy Vase
V-Grind Golf Wedge
Recon Jet
Leader Child’s Bicycle
PAL Multi-directional Lamp
Pillowcase / Laundry bag “CUSHY CUDDLE”
Kit and Ace “Time is Precious” Sign
Catch my Drip Umbrella Stand
Méduse Lighting
Suspended Chair
SUO Bench
Break~Wave Seating
Chalvignac Table Lamps
3D Printed ABS Waste Paper Basket
Low Stool
CrossCountry Canada Game
Lytton Table
Modernist Monumental Vase
Netheravon Chair
Overcast Light
Allumette Light
Baribocraft Salt and Pepper Set
NOCE Club Chair
18 Shades of Gay Montréal
Cold Snap Pear
A Canadian Bestiary
Blue Matte Vessel
Modern Teak Desk
Bocci 84
Phase Tables
Pipeline T40 + F125
Gilded Softseating
6063 Stool
Bugatti Type 57 Aerolite Coachwork