Film & Video

5 Hole: Tales of Hockey Erotica
8th Fire
ROADSPOTTER in Edmonton: Geoffrey Lilge
The Origin of the Capacity Exhibition
Canadian Tourism “Iceberg Crash”
Patty Johnson CreativeMornings/TO
Dan Deacon – Surprise Stefani
Eaton’s Aubergine Commercial
Somebody That I Used To Know
Burton Kramer Film (trailer)
Sprawl 2
The Staff Room
Shit Girls Say – Episode 1
O.B. Triple Sorry Webspot
The Tie-Break Promos
Who Are You?
Arcade Fire The Suburbs Video
Imaginary Cities “Ride This Out”
30th Birthday Celebrations Wonder Mountain
A Wild Year – Banff National Park
2D Photography Rube Goldberg
Kurt Swinghammer, Canoe Lake
Dear Sixteen Year Old Me
Globe Earth Day Message
Think Blue Touch Screen Display
The Running Horse Project
Ryan Gosling Not Endorsing
Earth Day 2008
Metric Collect Call
Pine Point
I Met the Walrus
Trout Fishing in Québec (Take the money and run)
Opening for Sagmeister Talk – Design and Happiness
Green Crayons Poster
Kenny vs Spenny Graphics
My Financial Career
Seeing Things Intro and Credits
The Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes