Gardenarium Game
VIFF 2017 Program Guide
Java Computer Language
GNN ‘Fake News’ Channel
Heritage Minutes: Kensington Market
Drake Game
JamStack Guitar Amp/App
Cuphead Video Game
BlackBerry Motion Smartphone
Smart Bandage
Spotify for Artists App
Modular Phone Prototype
Kinesix Sports Jacket
Free as F*ck
Interactive Dresses
Tim Hortons EHmoji Keyboard
The Anglekeeper Cover Art
The Bublcam
Chatelaine Chat Emojis
CrossCountry Canada Game
Palette Gear
Key-Frame Animation
DATAR Trackball
NRC Mouse Prototype
Public Inc.
Jusqu’au coeur (Straight to the Heart) Poster
Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat
Modcan Daft Punk tron modular system
Noel Gallagher Insult Generator
OMsignal Smart Bra
Graffiti Alley Instatour
‘Jewish Enough’ Posters
Myo Gesture Control Armband
The Ren & Stimpy Show
Trouve Bob
Safia Nolin – Technicolor