Canadian Illustrated News Feb 1874
White Morning
Pedestrian Death
North American Map
Oval Mirror No. 1
Simon Brascoupe Untitled
Bungalow Camps in Ontario
Placentia Bay Boat in Winter
Advanced technology
Rivers of Canada: A Printed Visualization
Weird II
Weird Canada ‘How To’ Illustration
Fairfield Crctry Product Illustrations
Runmore Illustration for Adidas
Visual Compositions (1 in a series) Illustrations
Music as Medicine Prescription
Pillow Cover
Tea Towels
‘An empty belly is the best cook’
Mniku Exhibition
Treasured Feelings
99.9% Album Art
‘Accolades’ Series
The Rise of Donald Trump
Color Me Jane
Bike Portraits Vélos
Unceded Territories
Historic Era in Canada/US Relations
Secret Path
The Walrus Pascal Blanchet Tote
Global Youth and Violence
Bowie Old
Manitoba Curling House
Forbes’ Acme Skate Patent
The Ren & Stimpy Show
Runmore Illustration