‘An empty belly is the best cook’
Mniku Exhibition
Treasured Feelings
99.9% Album Art
‘Accolades’ Series
The Rise of Donald Trump
Color Me Jane
Bike Portraits Vélos
Unceded Territories
Historic Era in Canada/US Relations
Secret Path
The Walrus Pascal Blanchet Tote
Global Youth and Violence
Bowie Old
Manitoba Curling House
Forbes’ Acme Skate Patent
The Ren & Stimpy Show
Runmore Illustration
Trouve Bob
Montreal Projections
You are Standing in An Open Field (Valley)
Untitled Self Portrait
Tragically Hip Lyrics
Prime Minister Trudeau In Slow Motion
Courage #GordDownie
The Grand Tetons
Mt. Assiniboine, Late Summer
Mt. Phillips, BC Rockies
House in August
The Clothesline Mamalilicoola
Read ’til You Bleed Tee
Ice Cream Tee
Paper Paintings
Falling Water Tattoo
Songs & Ballads from Nova Scotia Covers
Jackalope Tattoo