Grass Frames Bamboo Bike
ChopValue Tiles
Lace Pendant Lamp
Album Glasses
Randle Reef – Hamilton ON
They Grow Without Us Benches
Electra Meccanica Solo
The SORA: Electric Motorcycle
Ramonalisa Léonie Top
Haida Raven’s Tail and Red Cedar Bark Clamming Basket
Container Garden Planter
9W Lightbulb Package
B-7 Solar Car
Nendo Giftote
“Mountains & Trees, Waves & Pebbles” – Surrey, British Columbia
Morgan Sun Simba Solar Panels
Remede Florette Earrings
‘Littering says a lot about you’ Campaign
YiREGO Washing/Drying Machine
ASH.A356.0 Tables
Windancer Horizontal Wind Turbine
International Garden Festival Reflective Water Dish
METAmorph Dress
Doily Pendant Light
Frontenac Special Reusable Beer Bottle
Darrieus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Project RE_
A2B Electric Car
Dissolve Toothbrush Packaging (concept)
Polyethylene Brooch
Compostable Tableware
Door Wedge
The Little Green Dress Project
Maya Pedal Project
Clothespin Trashcan
Urban Cultivator
Acoustic Tile – Toronto, Ontario
Amarok P1 Electric Motorcycle
Patagonia USB Drives