Montreal Vote
Why Didn’t Drake Save Honest Eds
ABC250 Exhibit
Astral Bus Shelter Hacks
Kona Bicycle Graphics
Kit and Ace “Time is Precious” Sign
Community Fdns Canada 25 Logo
Middlebrook Prize for Young CDN Curator Award
Honest Ed’s Souvenir T-shirts
Bill Vander Zalm Handmade Signs
Le politique est personnel
Graffiti Beading Artwork
Let’s Make Out Top
‘An empty belly is the best cook’
Global Youth and Violence
Through The Eyes Of Vittorio Book Design
Anton Stankowski Exhibition Poster
Think Bigger
‘Fred Nader can’t steal my wood’ Poster
Typin Typeface
Don’t Waste Your Time
Ad Pioneers Poster
Type Movie Posters
Monocle Ipsum App
Atelier Folklore Logo
Hulse&Durrell Business Card
Canada 150 Typeface
Micah Lexier ‘This Sign’
Edward E. Horton Type-Writing Machine
The Walrus “Don’t Subscribe” Ad Campaign
Micah Lexier Self-portrait as a Wall Text
Ski-Doo ’79 Brochure
Wigrum Typeface
White Rabbit Pennants
Kwest “K” Graffiti Installation
ABC Illustration
Oliviero Toscani Speech
Bonheur d’occasion Mural