Andrew Scheer Political Cartoon
E.Mo.Tion Side B Album Art
Portrait of M Banners
Aeroplay do-it-yourself Kites
ILA – Karen Mordechai’s Cooking Ingredients
Zach Nause Realtor
Lights ‘Skin & Earth’
Puree Organics Identity
Viola Desmond Google Doodle
Chevron Embossed Print
Personal Stationery
Garmentory Identity
Disenchanted Portrait
Patent Suits Rise – Editorial Illustration
La Roue du Roy Brochure
Canadian Ski Museum Identity (concept)
Wanderlust Letters – Hand Painted Typeface
Abrade Font
Gooy Community Currency
Arbonne Beauty Products for Millennials
CrickstartAlex Lynn at
Crystal Head AURORA Vodka (holographic bottle)
Twice Brand Identity
Pearl & Purple
Architect Maurice Martel Identity
Halo Brewery Packaging
Frai Milk Packaging (concept)
Howie Morenz Hockey Card
Ben Weeks Identity
Acts Of Love Album Art
Solo Safety-Tip Bob Pins
Fresh Meat Theatre Posters
Foreign Life Album Art
Mural at Longspell Point Farm in Nova Scotia
BC Map Cover
Graphis Identity
The Foot of the Falls