Space Piper Album Art
Token Bitters
Fish Sticks Packaging
Uccellino Seeds Packaging
Kozlik’s Mustard
Maison Syrups
Sweetbark Maple Syrup
Bore’ale Packaging
Lights Skin & Earth Album Art
Limited Edition Concept Detroit Red Wings Can
Well Told Health
Oh Miel! Honey Packaging and Branding
CCM Cycling Packaging
Four Fox Saké (1st w/ Embedded LED lighting)
Logo and Packaging for Unibroue
Vivo Cleaning Products
Watkins Company of Canada Packaging
Brave Shores Brave Shores Album Art
Everything Now Album Art
Give-A-Care Collection
The Walrus Magazine Pencils
Yoplait Yogurt Packaging
Kif Kif Cannabis Packaging
Avanaa Chocolate Packaging
WhiteLung Paradise Album Art
Bisley Bullet Package
Meraki Packaging and Identity
Lil’ Robot Friends Packaging Pattern
Tanya Tagaq Retribution Album Art
| n Chocolatexture
Notta Comet Album Art
Jackie Shane ‘Live’ Album Art
Hardcore 81 Album Art
Royal Blues Album Art
Stalwart Brewing Co. Identity/Packaging
Olympic Dairy Identity and Packaging
Créations Namale Brand Identity
Night Train Album Art
Greys Warm Shadow Album Art
Power in the Blood Album Art