TVOntario Identity
Do the Bright Thing
One Giant Leap
This Guy is Crazy
King Mouse
Tesla Truck
Surviving Saskatoon
Mark Letain Portrait
‘I sent a clear message’ Cartoon
Wilco Toronto Posters
Welcome To The Dollhouse
The Green Wood Restaurant
Man Emerging
Proctor Bicycles Catalogue
Gord Downie Cartoon
Canada Dry Poster
Trump China Canada
Casbah Nude Nylons
Make Your Dreams Come True Brochure
Trump “Tweets are racist” Political Cartoon
Patterned Adirondack Chairs
Transitions Window Design
Dan Woodhands Portrait
Ted Leo Buzzing Amp
High Heels: The Good and Bad
PEN Canada Brochure
Earth Day Canada Print Ads
Glenn Gould: The Goldberg Variations Poster
Chief Ladybird Drum Skin
Odyson Circus
Prince Albert Exhibition
Jimmie Lynch’s Death Dodgers
World’s Finest Shows: Circus Showposter
“The Sun is Setting on the British Empire”
“I awoke to find my spirit had returned”
Festival of Festivals – Promotional Poster
Adobe Eye 2001 – Adobe Illustrator Promotional Poster