Exhibits & Events

Secret Citadel
Modernism in Canadian Graphic Design, 1945-1979 Poster /Catalogue
Mosaicultures Internationales De Montreal 2013
Sweaterday.ca Website
Summer Special at Honest Ed’s
Preserve Online
Dumb Starbucks Coffee
Crack Pipe Vending Machine
In-Between Worlds
Reasons To Be Creative Conference Video
Our Public Library
The Canadian Tire Ice Truck Commercial
Project 674
ProPrairie Poster
imagiNation 150 Sequilogos
More Than Rob Ford Campaign
The Trial of David Suzuki Campaign
Sunken Villages Project
Silenced the Burning Installation
Carver Don Hartley Memorial Products
The McLobster
Toronto Public Health’s Savvy Diner Campaign
Curbing Machine
Guinness World Record Mural – Macau, Hong Kong
The Greg Curnoe Bicycle Project – London, Ontario
The CLOUD – Calgary, Alberta
Cloud Design Installation – Toronto, Ontario
Intersections Installation – Vancouver, British Columbia
Pencil Wall – How Do You Work? Exhibit – Toronto, Ontario
OnexOne Chair Auction – Toronto, Ontario
aIdle No More Campaign
Grey Cup 100 Tour: The Train
A Tale of Two Children: A Work for Strathcona – Vancouver, British Columbia
Virtual Museum of Canada
Perpetual Sunset – Richmond, British Columbia
Object(ing): The art/design of Tobias Wong – Vancouver, British Columbia
Ghost Stories: New Designs from Nendo