One and All Design Conference
Centre for the Study of Political Graphics
Rugby Canada Identity
POC Identity
Super Natural Identity
‘Be Olympic’ brand platform
Crumb Identity
Absolut Canada: A Libs Elliott Collaboration
Union Pearson Express
Smythe Identity
Swoop Airlines
Herschel Supply ‘The Lemonade Stand pop-up store’
Canadian Red Cross Identity
A Canadian Bestiary
In The Air, Tonight
Anton Stankowski Exhibition Poster
Dancing Vase Installations
Hands Holdings Things Installation
Aisle 4
Bureau for the Study of Vivid Blue Every-Colour Inhabitations of the Planet, the Transformation of Reality, and a Multitude of Happy Endings Stools
Air Canada Interactive Installation
“The Universe Wants To Play” Installation
Crossing Natures Installation
Ontario Place Poster
National Costume Miss Universe Canada
Interactive Installation: OUTSIDE
Meditations on Red Installation
Canada Post Mail Box Jam
Virtue and Vice
Vancouver Tapestry
Foresta Lumina Light Installation
All Citizens Project Book
‘This Is Not A Toy’ Exhibition
‘This is not a toy’ Exhibit Catalogue
Umbra Shift
Focus Life Gear Collection/Exhibition
Dominique Petrin Interior