Orchestre Symphonique de Quebec Identity
Wolfe ID Identity
Steam Whistle Brewing Packaging and Identity
TTC Memorial Day Streetcars
Portrait of M Banners
Puree Organics Identity
Canadian Ski Museum Identity (concept)
Twice Brand Identity
Architect Maurice Martel Identity
Halo Brewery Packaging
Ben Weeks Identity
One and All Design Conference
Centre for the Study of Political Graphics
Rugby Canada Identity
POC Identity
Super Natural Identity
‘Be Olympic’ brand platform
Crumb Identity
Absolut Canada: A Libs Elliott Collaboration
Union Pearson Express
Smythe Identity
Swoop Airlines
Herschel Supply ‘The Lemonade Stand pop-up store’
Canadian Red Cross Identity
A Canadian Bestiary
In The Air, Tonight
Anton Stankowski Exhibition Poster
Dancing Vase Installations
Hands Holdings Things Installation
Aisle 4
Bureau for the Study of Vivid Blue Every-Colour Inhabitations of the Planet, the Transformation of Reality, and a Multitude of Happy Endings Stools
Air Canada Interactive Installation
“The Universe Wants To Play” Installation
Crossing Natures Installation
Ontario Place Poster
National Costume Miss Universe Canada
Interactive Installation: OUTSIDE