Chief Ladybird Drum Skin
Odyson Circus
Prince Albert Exhibition
Jimmie Lynch’s Death Dodgers
World’s Finest Shows: Circus Showposter
“The Sun is Setting on the British Empire”
“I awoke to find my spirit had returned”
Butterfly effect – Stephen Andrews POV
Design Canada Doc Poster
Festival of Festivals – Promotional Poster
Adobe Eye 2001 – Adobe Illustrator Promotional Poster
Adobe Illustrator 4 Promotional Poster
Kraft Dinner Packaging
Architurama Identity
L’art de Conjuguer Book Cover
Ce qui s’embrasse est confus Franz Schürch Book Cover
Eglinton Subway Integrated Art
Canadian Industrial Editors
Montreal Street Art
Toronto Industrial Exhibition Poster
Native Beating
Chefmaster Butter
DJ Ever Logo
Too Much Happiness Catalogue — Janet Werner
Montréal-Brooklyn Identity
Wind Song Serigraph
E?ole Logo
Orchestre Symphonique de Quebec Identity
Allen Berg F1 Helmet
Beer Can Iceberg
Wolfe ID Identity
Foodie Notebooks
Banff Chair Lift Postcard
Halloween Icons
Eaton’s Winter Catalogue
The Elements Series Wine Packaging
Monnet Design Holiday Card
Cultural CunnunDRUM
Villain: Doug Ford