Rene Cyr Bicycle Racing Champ
TACO Water Heaters Brochure
BuzzBuzzHome Tear Away Poster
The Alley YMM Menu
Colourful Horizon Utility Box – Toronto
Safari Catalogue
Muskeg Carrier Catalogue
Chop Chop Identity
Invitation for the Social Poster Exhibition
Plain Cigarette Packaging
Alex Baumann Portrait
Pot Menders
Self-Propelled Combines Catalogue
Canada Dry Poster
Wise Glacier Clay Pomade (and refill)
Trump China Canada
Home Fallout Protection Brochure
Colonial Maid Dress Fasteners
Coconut Milk Packaging
Casbah Nude Nylons
Maurice “Rocket” Richard Tomato Soup
Bombardier Safari Brochure
En Route June 2018
Merging Sides
Homage to Albert Dumouchel
Light Bulbs
Olympique Snowmobile Brochure
AIDS Wallpaper
Swinger Snowmobiles Brochure
Control Top Panty Hose
All Nude Panty Hose
One Size Panty Hose
Panty Hose
Lithuanian Meet Up T-shirt
Fare Brochure
Make Your Dreams Come True Brochure
Fly TCA Poster
Gyptex Texture Paint Brochure