Colette’s Lost Pet
Louis Undercover
Zaius Oil
CBC Music Library LP
CBC Music Library LP
CBC Music Library LP
‘I’m Bad Now’
Straight Outta Toronto
Centre for the Study of Political Graphics
Place Desjardins
QQCHOSE Identity
From Earth to Sky
Multi-National Conglomerates Hostile Take Over of the New World Order
Pinstriped Gas Can
Club de Golf La Vallée du Richelieu
Rugby Canada Identity
Multicolour Silk Scarf
90s Handkerchief
Matchsticks Tea Towel
Toronto Residences
Vertical Village Tower
Anderson Craft Ales
Birra Fresca Cucumber Mint IPA Beer
Residency for Artists on Hiatus
POC Identity
XXXII Biennale di Venezia
Claude Tousignant Exhibit Catalogue
‘Western Canada – The New Eldorado’
‘The Evolution of a Homestead’
“What Do You Expect in a Country”
‘Thousands of free grant homesteads” Advertisement
‘It’s mine!’ Canadian National Railways Advertisement
Lassonde & Fils
I’m Thinking of a Number:
Wordmark for the 2017 Atypi
Lettering for Atypi
OK Snowcial
“3 New ways to ‘doo it”