Food & Drink

Trudeau Professional Pepper Mills
Yoplait Yogurt Packaging
Avanaa Chocolate Packaging
Butter Dish
Pour Over Coffee Cone
EDDY Black Walnut Trivet
Porcelain Box / Salt Cellar
Tortilla Warmers
Isabelle Huot Céramix Wine Glasses
| n Chocolatexture
Stalwart Brewing Co. Identity/Packaging
Olympic Dairy Identity and Packaging
Wood BBQ Scraper
Faculty Brewing Brand Identity/Packaging
Uproot Maple Syrup
bob’s SUPER SMOOTH Vodka
1612 Cola
Parmalat Dairy Eggnog
Dairyworld Foods Eggnog
Wayne Gretzky Lunchbox
Jonny Hetherington Essentials Hot Sauce
Doctor’s Orders Gin
Carroll & Co. Identity
Beaus + Polaris Music Prize Beer
Pig on Fire Packaging
Apples Wooden Crate
Ogopogo Apples Label
Pelletier 1976 Revel Cider
Jaw Drop Cooler Co Packaging
L’Espace Public Identity and Packaging
Harvey & Vern’s Soda
Shearer and Dahl Medicinal Edibles
Squish Candies Identity
Nutrilait Packaging
CIRKA Distilleries Vodka and Gin
Insulated Coffee Pot Maker
Henri Sodas
Holiday Chocolate Bars