Food & Drink

Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend
Justin Trudeau Cookie Cutters
Token Bitters
Kozlik’s Mustard
Maison Syrups
Sweetbark Maple Syrup
Bore’ale Packaging
Open-Faced Sandwich
Limited Edition Concept Detroit Red Wings Can
Limited Edition Concepts California Miller Lite
Well Told Health
Oh Miel! Honey Packaging and Branding
Four Fox Saké (1st w/ Embedded LED lighting)
Logo and Packaging for Unibroue
Watkins Company of Canada Packaging
Baribocraft Salt and Pepper Set
Cold Snap Pear
Trudeau Professional Pepper Mills
Yoplait Yogurt Packaging
Avanaa Chocolate Packaging
Butter Dish
Pour Over Coffee Cone
EDDY Black Walnut Trivet
Porcelain Box / Salt Cellar
Tortilla Warmers
Isabelle Huot Céramix Wine Glasses
| n Chocolatexture
Stalwart Brewing Co. Identity/Packaging
Olympic Dairy Identity and Packaging
Wood BBQ Scraper
Faculty Brewing Brand Identity/Packaging
Uproot Maple Syrup
bob’s SUPER SMOOTH Vodka
1612 Cola
Parmalat Dairy Eggnog
Dairyworld Foods Eggnog
Wayne Gretzky Lunchbox
Jonny Hetherington Essentials Hot Sauce