Ceramics & Glass

Shiin, Uro-Uro and Jiro-Jiro Decanters
Crackle Dishes
Luna Pitcher Set
Decanter Set
Hexagonal Dinner Plate
Porcelain Vases
Tasses à café
Hand-blown Celestial Lighting Collection
Lotte Chevron Lamp
Yarn Bowl
“Gord Downie” Stained Glass Panel
Ceramic Table Lamps
Charles Sucsan Tile
TEST PATTERN: T.V. Dinner Plate
Double Joined Vase
Charles Sucsan Charger
Ed Drahanchuk Vase
Supernatural Bowls
Strathcona Concrete Planter
Marble Platter
Beauceware C-J7 Two-Tone Coffee Pot
Wayne Ngan Tea Bowl
Geometric Vase
Wayne Ngan Pottery Vase
Northwest Coast Pottery Vase
Michel Soucy Vase
Catch my Drip Umbrella Stand
Chalvignac Table Lamps
Modernist Monumental Vase
A Canadian Bestiary
Blue Matte Vessel
Bent Half Moon
Folio & Strata
Grove Pottery Hand-Painted Vessel
Striper Dish
Blue-Grey Jug
Incised Pot
The Northeastern Lunch Plate